Module I: Ready to work with Sex Offenders?

We need to stop the Violence on Children. This is how we will do this

Module II: Abused Little Boys

The Consequences of Child Abuse can last forever, until you find the Right Therapist to help you out and finally start YOUR life!

Module III: Hurt Little Girls

Please, don’t stay a Victim. You CAN recover of all the damages done to you. You are strong.

Module IV: Back on the Tracks!

Start Repairing Children as soon as possible.

Module V: Who Am I And Why Am I Here?

Most Child Sex Offenders don’t even know who they are.

Module VI: Empathy and Sympathy

They lack Compassion and partly Empathy.

Module VII: Why Did I Do It Again?

Why Did I do it again? Working with Relapse Offenders.

Module VIII: How Can I Stop?

Child Offenders must be stopped. NOW!

Module IX: How Can I Stop?

To Prevent Relapse, Child Offenders need to be re-evaluated several times during and after Therapy.

Module X: How Can I Stop?

The never-ending circles of Child Abuse. Introduction to Profiling Child Murderers.