Remote Computer Support


To finish the VCPA course successfully, and earn your diploma, it is crucial your computer system works flawless.  Everything will happen remotely over the internet.

When you buy this  product, you will be able to ask for assistance twice.  We will contact you and take over your screen remotely (with your consent and supervision) and will try to help you.

We are able to fix the majority of all the issues remotely. We support both Mac and Windows computers.

We will support you (remotely) with everything you’ll need to finish the VCPA course successfully, including:

  • setting up zoom video and audio calls
  • opening our course (PDF) files
  • configuring e-mail
  • forum access and usage
  • any issue that is blocking making progress in our course.

If you bought this service product, we will support you in total for 2 hours.  If you would require more assistance after this, you can purchase a new block of 2 hours.   However,  in most cases, 2 hours of support is more than enough to finish the course successfully.

You need to have a working internet connection on your computer.  If this is not present, or operational, we cannot help you.



A whole new world of sound.

Remote Computer Support!