I know that you want to DO something to stop the violence on our children worldwide. Maybe you have the feeling that becoming a healer or a therapist is not really your calling but nevertheless, you want to be a big part of helping children and adults being terribly hurt in their childhood. 
Please do consider to become a valuable Buddy for those people wanting to become an active Healer in the Field. Some are struggling to get the money together, although we - from our part - have reduced the costs considerably. A lot of people want to see their dreams come true and work with seriously hurt children, but just lack that little bit of money to fulfill all modules. Thank you to consider to sponsor them all the way, by donating 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars per month. It will make a huge difference for them and for the entire World. 
It would be a great help if you become their Buddy to help them realize not only their dreams, but especially the dreams and hopes of so many victims surviving in the dark, to become a healed and complete human again. WE CAN DO THIS! TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!
We will give you the first name of the person you will be the Buddy of and she/he will get your first name. This makes it a lot more personal. 

I hope I can talk to you soon,
Let's take our world back!