It’s Time To Talk About It…

It is indeed Time to Talk about It. Only blind people can ignore so many things going wrong in our world. But we cannot change anything only by talking. We need to create a safe world. To start with taking care of victims of all kind of crimes.

But also offenders, to stop them from committing them. 70 % of the victims has been in contact with Mental Health Organizations in the past year. 59 % of them are on prescriptions. This is huge! It means that the existing Services are inconsistent, inadequate and deficiently. We cannot even find the results of these ‘help’ for the victims. One thing is for sure: Extensive Research suggests that there are very strong links between mental health problems and prison population.

So, maybe, just maybe, we need to consider that all those people with high degrees at universities, just don’t fit into the real help to real people. Why? Because it isn’t taught in universities. In fact: it is taught nowhere at all.

So, let’s do it ourselves. You will find extensive information on this site. But above all, very in-depth training, down to earth treatment, high skilled human approaches towards victims as well as offenders. Follow me and let’s have a look how we can heal this beautiful planet.

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International Center for Molested and Abducted Children

It was founded in 1994 to fill in the gaps in criminal research as well as legal and psychological support by professionally trained experts for families and relatives of missing, abused and murdered children.

Public Interviews

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The Only Real Prevention Campaign in the World

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Media coverage

From the early nineties till now. An overview of my work.

“When you have the privilege of changing someone’s trauma, you are not only changing his or her life, but you have the opportunity to change generations to come”

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Training Program to work with Sex Offenders

“Child Sex Offenders”, a creepy word. What are we going to do with them? Are there other solutions than just putting them in prison? There sure is. For those who feel confident enough to work with offenders, you’ll find the perfect training here to get started” Click to READ MORE on the course details…

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Our literature, workbooks and non-fiction books

We offer you a vast selection of professional books. If you are a victim or an offender, we have material that can change your life.

Current prevention campaigns are made by pedocriminals. It is up to the adult to say NO. Not to the child.

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Real Prevention: It’s up to the adult to say NO.

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We offer you excessive training, materials and certification to work with victims, offenders or to work as a profiler.

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  • work with offenders
  • VCPA (Victim and Criminal Profiling Academy)
  • Certifications after reach module
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Carine Hutsebaut

ICMA²C Association

Victim and Criminal Profiling Academy

Head of VCPA
Creator of course materials, training projects and certification
Author of professional literature
Creator of Buddy Action


Expert at the Justice Department Brussels
Internship at FBI - Academy of Behavioral Profiling California (USA)
American University Washington, Collega of Law
Centre International de Sciences Criminelles - Université René Descartes Paris V.
Commissioner at the ITNJ


Independent therapist for victims of sexual abuse and sex offenders
World wide readings on the topic

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I studied criminology but was not taught anything like this, I would love to learn from Carine it is so interesting


"I did bad to people and dissapointed everybody around me. This was all caused by problems I wasn't even aware of I had them. I was forced into therapy, selecting ICMA²C by coincidence. Not only they brought me back on the right path, preventing me to do bad again, they completely changed my life, bringing out the best of me."


“We have to make this society human again.”



A.B.Website visitor

I want to thank you so much for this interview, I wish I had her as a counselor when I was younger. I thank God every day for my freedom as a survivor of sexual emotional & physical abuse.


I would love to hear more from her. Being trafficked my self and being called crazy from doctors, and wanting me to take mental drugs. Not in my life time would I ever take their medications. What she says helps me allot. Just knowing someone out there would believes my story, helps me. I am just like she said when telling my story. I jumble up my story cause my mind goes all over the place on things that I seen. Thank you Shaun Attwood for all you do.


After the interview with Dr. Goode and now Carine, I can't believe how naive and normal I must be. At 50, truck driver, married with 2 grown up kids I am shocked at the evil adults can do to children. Breaks my heart to try to imagine the terror and misery these poor, wretched children and also adults must have felt. Thank you Carine for helping these people in such a hopeless story.

Let’s Take Our World Back!

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