A selection of interviews to visualize

Regina Louf & Networks


Regina & Dutroux


Le tueur de Cécile Bloch et autres


Conference Kopenhagen: networks


The Eye of the evil

Rudy Kagi: Pedo’s in het nauw


Qui a tué Cécile Bloch ?


Interview Conference Kopenhagen


Interview William Ramsey


ITNJ – International Court: Rachel Vaughan


FreeSpirit TV Switserland: interview


Interview with Jon Wedger: what makes a childkiller and rapist?


Commissioner ITNJ: presentation


William Ramsey: Dutroux case


Konrad Stachnio: Civilisation in Overdrive


Konrad Stachnio: Creating a modern Slave


Pawel Bednarz: Child Trafficking – Eyes of the Devil Poland


Free Spirit Switserland: Prevention of Pedo-Criminality Part 1


Interview Pawel Bednarz Poland


Debat Open Mind Conference: Kopenhagen


Weltschmerz Clips: Nederland


Free Spirit Switserland


Qui a tué Cécile Bloch ? TF1


Le Gêlé Complément d’enquête 2004


ITNJ testimonies: David Blessing – Sadistic Ritual Abuse


ITNJ testimony Fiona Barnett Australia


ITNJ testimony Jon Wedger U.K.


Do you hear the people sing? Les misérables


Interview Jon Wedger: It takes so long to be heard and to get some kind of Justice


Me the victim: Jon Wedger


Ole Dammegard interview


Joachim Hagopian on Child Abuse & Epstein


Alfred Weber: Pizzate & Global Pedocriminals


ITNJ: Kristy Allen – MK Ultra, SRA survivor


ITNJ: William Binney – testimony


ITNJ: Ronald Bernard – Former Banker from the Netherlands


Robert Steele: Governments are bringing us down


Alfred Lambremont Webre: Assassination of Children – Canada


Open Mind Conference: Ole Dammegard – How they are all connected


ITNJ: 8.000.000 children are missing every year


Bohemian Grove: eye witness to murder and child sacrifice


Interview with Catherine Watters New York: Focusing on the criminals and responsible for the pedocriminal disasters in the world