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Course Content

The complete course includes of 10 modules.  Each module contains of in-dept instruction videos and a downloadable, detailed text book to work with.  We offer video calls to address your questions.

No Age Limit!

You can enroll if you are at least 21 years old.  There is no maximum age.  Even if you are already retired, you are still welcome to change our world.

No degree required

No requirement to own any university degree before start.

Ready To Work!

After following the complete course, you receive a diploma and you will be ready to work in the field.


One module costs 350 dollars. The complete course (10 modules) costs 3.500 dollars

We got a limited-time offer, from the usual price of 350 per module down to 250 dollars, however, the complete course can be acquired with a 40% discount to just 2.100 Dollars.


Forum Access

You will have access to our private VCPA forum where you can ask questions, share opinions and stories to our network of other professionals.

VCPA Training Content

There are 10 mandatory modules to successfully finish.

Get your VCPA Diploma!

Earn your diploma and start working as a professional!

After successfully finishing our 10 modules, you will receive a VCPA Diploma.

Certification of Attendance

After each successfully finished module, you receive a Certificate of Attendance.


When you have finished all 10 of the modules and passed the final test, you will receive an official VCPA Diploma with your name on.

Get the Course NOW!

F.A.Q.  All Course Questions answered!

Do I need a university degree to start with the VCPA training course?

No you don’t.  There is nothing out there that will teach you what we will learn you.  You need hard work, dedication and the right heart and mind set to start and finish this training.

What do I need to do to start the training course?

You need to contact us and deliver a motivation letter.  We will evaluate your applications, and we will contact you for next steps.

What is the cost of the training ?

A single module costs 350 dollars. We have a limited-time discount of 250 dollars per module. If you buy the complete course, you will have a 40% reduction and you will pay 2.100 dollars.

Is there an age limit?

You need to be 21 years old to start the course.  There is no other age limit:  even if you are retired, you are very welcome to change the world!

Can I pay off, spread over time?

You can pay per module.  Until the 15th of September, a course module is available for $ 250.  If you take 2 months to finish a module, the monthly cost will be $ 125.  There are 10 mandatory modules in the VCPA course you need to pass.

How long will a module and complete training course take?

If you work consistently for 1 to 2 hours a day, a module will take you 1 to 2 weeks to finish. There are 10 modules to follow and finish.

Can I pick and select the order of the modules in the course?

No. You will have to follow the modules one by one, sequentially in the right order.  Focus will be BOTH on victim and offender.

Is it available in my country?

Yes.  ICMA²C operates around the world.  Please note that for now, the courses are only available in English and Dutch.

Do I get a diploma?

Yes, after having finished a module, you will have a short test and will receive a certificate. When the 10 modules are done, you will have a final test.  If you pass this test, you will receive a diploma.  We have a 90% passing score.  If you work hard enough, you will pass.

When can I start working? How many modules do I need to finish first?

You will have to finish all 10 modules before you can start working as a therapist.  It’s important you understand and have the complete picture.   Working without an ICMA²C diploma is forbidden.

When do I get the workbooks? Do I have to pay extra for them?

Workbooks will be provided when you finish a module.  They are included in the price, so you don’t have pay extra for it.

A bought the complete course, do I get all 10 modules at once?

Yes. You can download all 10 modules. Please follow the course in order as this is mandatory to understand the content of the course.

VCPA Training Course includes:

  • 10 unique professional modules
  • In-dept video material per module
  • Downloadable text books
  • Email Support
  • Forum Access
  • Video call at the end of every module
  • Certificate after each finished module
  • VCPA Diploma after 10 modules
Get Your Diploma!

Get your ICMA²C diploma with our VCPA training course and start working as a therapist or profiler.  Enroll now!

Afraid of computer issues? We have you covered!

The VCPA course will happen remotely, over the internet, where you will download the books, watch videos and do video calls.

If you are afraid you end up with computer problems, don’t worry. For a small price, we have an excellent service to solve all your computer issues remotely.