Module 004 Workbook: Back On Track

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This book is for your personal use. We hope you’ll find the support and help you so deserve to finally start to live your life! Unfortunately, we need to warn you not to use this material to start working with victims and/or offenders. You need skilled training to do so. You can find our training courses here.

It is in your interest as well as the well-being and safety of victims and perpetrators to adhere to this. Is this a deal? Thank you.

The best therapists for children are their own parents. It can also be a family member or a friend. Someone who cares about the child and wants to free it from the fear, confusion and disgust. Outsiders can respond perfectly to this. It is important to get all these victims out of their isolation. Whether they are still children or eighty years old. Finally being understood is so unimaginably important for victims to finally feel free and relieved.

This workbook is intended for boys from the age of seven, victims of sexual violence, locked in the dark. This book helps them get out. It is recommended that the child be assisted by an adult in processing through this book. But the child can also handle it alone if necessary.

The consequences of abuse can be unimaginable. So the potential of 33% of people has been compromised in some way. That’s because children who fell victim to such unwanted touches and violence can create a very negative self-image. Their creativity is compromised because they no longer believe in themselves. They feel dirty, used, less than nothing. Many victims are confused and have nowhere to go with these feelings. Some victims will never talk about it because they feel guilty about the abuse. That is one of the techniques that perpetrators apply: to blame the victim. This is called “projection”. And you don’t talk about your guilt, you carry it. Can we be amazed at the fact that so many adults are broken?