Module 006 Workbook: Empathy and Sympathy

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Let’s take our world back

This book is for your personal use. We hope you’ll find the support and help you so deserve to finally start to live your life! Unfortunately, we need to warn you not to use this material to start working with victims and/or offenders. You need skilled training to do so. You can find our training courses here.

Empathy, Compassion, and Sympathy for others can be learned. Even if you have caused others serious suffering, both physical
and/or emotionally. These skills make the world complete. We are all connected, if we want it or not. So, we need to take care of
each other.
Empathy is a skill that is learned when we are young. We learn to connect to others, to their joy, their happiness but also their pain
and needs.
For some reason, you haven’t been teached how to connect to others. Or maybe you were a very empathic person, but someone
you trusted has scattered this. But You, and Only YOU, have the power to re-connect to the world and feel the joy to be part of it. To
be one of the wholes where people are concerned about you, and you are involved in everything, maybe for the first time in your life.
This is what makes people, YOU, happy with your life and with others. I know you can do this. You deserve it. So, let’s go and work
on this together!