Workbook: Hurt Little Girls – Insecure Women

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Workbook: Hurt Little Girls – Insecure Women

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This book is for your personal use. We hope you’ll find the support and help you so deserve to finally start to live your life! Unfortunately, we need to warn you not to use this material to start working with victims and/or offenders. You need skilled training to do so. You can find our training courses here.

It is in your interest as well as the well-being and safety of victims and perpetrators to adhere to this. Is this a deal? Thank you.

This year, like every year, hundreds of thousands of girls will be sexually assaulted in the United States, in Europe and around the world. They will be hurt physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Every aspect of their life will suffer from this. The same goes for men, of course. For them I prepared the book: Abused Little Boys, Neglected Men. You are a hurt woman. Maybe without your knowing, you suffer from the effects of different forms of abuse in your childhood. Maybe also of sexual abuse. In this book we will take you by the hand and work around the use of Language in this taboo subject, about where you are now in your life, about Who you are but also about understanding what sexual abuse is and what the impact can be on your daily life. There are indeed different kinds of abuse. And there also are misconceptions about child sexual abuse. It is important for you to bring clarity in all this. You can go through this workbook all by yourself. But you can also ask some support from a good friend, a family member, a priest, a teacher, a human professional to get through all the subjects handled in this workbook. Take your time, work at your tempo. And start the healing process today! Both women and men are and have been abused as children and it is only men and women who can build a safer world for children from a healed position.The united forces of both is indispensable to finally put an end to the epidemic forms of child sexual abuse. Maybe your husband has also been a victim and nobody knows about it.

Help yourself, help children … Help the entire world.