Who are we?

VZW ICMAC (International Center for Molested and Abducted Children) is the name of a non-profit organisation.
It was founded in 1994 to fill in the gaps in criminal research as well as legal and psychological support by professionally trained experts for families and relatives of missing, abused and murdered children.

Later we changed the name into VZW ICMA²C to include the issue of adoptations.

The main goals of VZW ICMA²C are:

  • Professional treatment of abused children as well as adults who were abused as a child
  • Psychological treatment of perpetrators of sexual abuse
  • Detection of offenders of sexual abuse
  • Detection of missing children
  • Providing training in these issues
  • Publishing books, studies and reports
  • Expertises for juridical investigations
  • Formatting of perpetrator profiles in unsolved cases
  • Giving lectures and training in Belgium and abroad
  • Prevention campaigns on the issue 

 VZW ICMA²C works independent, without grants and entirely with own resources. Help us to fulfill our mission. Your support is more than welcome!