Module 005 Workbook: Who Am I And Why Am I Here?

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This book is for your personal use. We hope you’ll find the support and help you so deserve to finally start to live your life! Unfortunately, we need to warn you not to use this material to start working with victims and/or offenders. You need skilled training to do so. You can find our training courses here.

Who am I and why am I here?” Guide you in the treatment of sex offenders. It is the first workbook in a series of consecutive professional workbooks.

Abuse is a very serious problem in our society and comes in many forms.

For this workbook, we use the word abuse to describe the following:

Actions or behaviors (including neglect) that result in physical, mental, or emotional damage. This definition also includes sexual acts that lead to temporary or permanent emotional, psychological or physical consequences.

The most common forms of child abuse are: hitting and torturing (physical abuse), heavy child labor (physical and emotional abuse), inadequate medical care for the child, no food or clothing (neglect, psychological abuse), continued criticism, and mental torture of the child (mental abuse), exposing a child indecently to sexual acts or through sexual activity or by showing sexual material to children (sexual abuse), over-disciplined children (physical, emotional and mental abuse). Alcohol, medication, and/or drug abuse (a severely underestimated form of violence against children)

Child abuse is violence against children. It happens secretly, lasts for years, and affects the most defenseless people in our society. Abuse is a huge problem in our society because the consequences often last a lifetime and recovery is difficult and painful.

If you’ve been abused, you’ll find that this chapter focuses on the first steps you can take to recover from child abuse. All these examples simply show how children are abused. In later modules, we will turn to even more violent crimes against children.

Never judge the person. You can judge his criminal behavior, but never who he is.