Module 007 Workbook : Why Did I Do It Again?

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This book is for your personal use. We hope you’ll find the support and help you so deserve to finally start to live your life! Unfortunately, we need to warn you not to use this material to start working with victims and/or offenders. You need skilled training to do so. You can find our training courses here.

In this Workbook we’ll teach you how to understand the Cycle of Abuse and why sex offenders relapse so often.
It has to be said: child sex offenders are amongst the criminals with the highest rates of relapse.
97 % of them relapse within a time lapse of – in average -… 4 days after leaving prison. Why is this
the case? Because this kind of criminals easily says: “I paid my invoice. Now I’m free to do what I want.”
He has had no specialized treatment or no treatment at all. He has not been challenged in his behavior, let alone in his feelings and thinking methods. So, why would he change?
It is up to us to guide these offenders towards a healthy and decent citizens to keep society safe. Without any professional help, those people will never change.
They just cannot. They don’t see the problem. At all. It is a society that has a problem, not him.