• Victims are left to themselves to heal, while there is adequate help to get back on track
  • Sexual Offenders are left to themselves also, while there is adequate help to stop them
  • Most cannot find adequate and real help
  • Although they are no victims anymore, they are still treated as victims
  • And life, happiness, and opportunities are awaiting them out there
  • This is not another Brick in the Wall
  • We don’t need an education, we need the information to work with
  • We have to take our World back
  • The vicious Circles of violence need to be broken to heal the world
  • There are too many things going wrong in our world
  • Because we can do this.


We offer a totally different and human approach to work with Victims and Sexual Offenders to heal them, to help them get back on track, to stop the violence against children and adults

This is a very down to earth series of courses, containing 10 modules. After completing a module, you receive a certificate. After completing the 10 modules, you pass an exam and when you succeed, you get your Diploma of High Skilled Professional to work with victims and offenders.

Not who you are matters, but what you do to change and heal our world. You don’t need to be qualified to start the learning and obtaining a decent, high qualified diploma

All we ask is the will to work in a different way with as well victims as offenders

NO MORE VICTIMS will elevate our society to a much higher level, respect and harmony


  • By training you in an understandable & human way to start working with victims of all kinds of abuse as well as Offenders to stop them in their devastating track
  • By offering you the course with a video where I explain the module and its content
  • By offering you a workbook after each module
  • By offering you a private platform to discuss matters with other participants
  • By assisting you along the way and even after
  • By sending you patients and clients
  • By giving you the right certificates and diplomas
  • By assisting you when you have computer problems

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