For people who feel they have or want to do something to stop the violence on children as well as adults, training is foreseen to obtain the necessary skills to start working with sex offenders. Certificates as well as a very down to earth and efficient workbook will be provided after each module.

It has to be said that the actual educations or trainings at universities are absolutely not effective or adequate enough to work with and heal as well victims as sex offenders. You therefore need to expand your field and educate yourself at the highest level. We are talking about the safety of children and other targeted victims.

It must be clear by now that the lack of serious results is shameful. Never before humans have been more victim to this kind of crimes.

Time to take this in our own hands. With first and for all Humanity, Patience, Clarity, Truth, Perseverance, Objectivity, Honesty, Strength, Tirelessness, High Performance Skills and staying Focused on Safety for our children and Society.